Patient safety is a top priority for Roche and we monitor safety throughout a product’s lifecycle. Everyone working at, or on behalf of Roche, regardless of role, is mandated to report any adverse events that they become aware of to the Roche pharmacovigilance team who, in turn, must evaluate all events and communicate with the authorities in a timely manner, particularly for events that may affect the risk–benefit profile of the product.

Pharmacovigilance is not just the responsibility of the company that produces a drug, however, but requires the input of all stakeholders, particularly in the post-marketing setting where we rely on healthcare professionals and patients to provide information on any adverse events of which they may be aware. Only by ensuring that all safety information is captured accurately for all products can we see a true picture of the relative risk–benefit profile of an individual treatment.

The most important sources for product safety information are the product label and patient information that are included in the packaging of all medications.

If you want to report an adverse event for a Roche product, please do it through the local contact in your country or you can do it in this link.

For more information on pharmacovigilance, please see the materials below.

Roche's commitment to patients' safety through pharmacovigilance

Roche`s commitment for safety
The importance of Pharmacovigilance and the roles and responsibilities of everyone.
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Evaluation of the safety of emicizumab prophylaxis in people with haemophilia A: an updated summary of thrombotic events and thrombotic microangiopathies
EAHAD 2023 Poster presentation PO123: Koparkar S, Barlera S, Nissen F, Ko RH, Tobaruela G
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