Independent Guidelines


Here you will find all guidelines published in journals by independent scientific bodies that include the use of emicizumab in different clinical scenarios. If you are unable to access any of these publications via your existing subscriptions, please contact your local Roche medical information department for assistance.

Consensus recommendations on appropriate coagulation tests during emicizumab administration in Saudi Arabia

Owaidah T, Almomen A, Tarawah A, et al. Am J Blood Res. 2022;12(3):82-87

Current Choices and Management of Treatment in Persons with Severe Hemophilia A without Inhibitors: A Mini-Delphi Consensus.

Coppola A, Franchini M, Pappagallo G, et al. J Clin Med. 2022 Feb 2;11(3):801

Managing invasive procedures in haemophilia patients with limited resources, extended half-life concentrates or non-replacement therapies in 2022.

Mancuso ME, Apte S, Hermans C. Haemophilia. 2022 May;28 Suppl 4:93-102

Consensus Recommendations for Intramuscular COVID-19 Vaccination in Patients with Hemophilia

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Management of bleeding events and invasive procedures in patients with haemophilia A without inhibitors treated with emicizumab

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Management of COVID-19-associated coagulopathy in persons with haemophilia

Pipe SW, Kaczmarek R, Srivastava A, et al. Haemophilia. 2021 Jan;27(1):41-48.

Management of patients with severe haemophilia a without inhibitors on prophylaxis with emicizumab: AICE recommendations with focus on emergency in collaboration with SIBioC, SIMEU, SIMEUP, SIPMeL and SISET

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WFH Guidelines for the Management of Hemophilia, 3rd edition

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Practical Guidance of the GTH Haemophilia Board on the Use of Emicizumab in Patients with Haemophilia A

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Laboratory coagulation tests and emicizumab treatment A United Kingdom Haemophilia Centre Doctors' Organisation guideline

Jenkins PV, Bowyer A, Burgess C, et al. Haemophilia. 2020;26(1):151-155.

Emergency management in patients with haemophilia A and inhibitors on prophylaxis with emicizumab: AICE practical guidance in collaboration with SIBioC, SIMEU, SIMEUP, SIPMeL and SISET

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Management of bleeding and invasive procedures in haemophilia A patients with inhibitor treated with emicizumab (Hemlibra®): Proposals from the French network on inherited bleeding disorders (MHEMO), the French Reference Centre on Haemophilia, in collaboration with the French Working Group on Perioperative Haemostasis (GIHP)

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Treatment of bleeding episodes in haemophilia A complicated by a factor VIII inhibitor in patients receiving Emicizumab. Interim guidance from UKHCDO Inhibitor Working Party and Executive Committee

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